Random Confessions


10/30/17 - "Time to stop self medicating and find healthier 
options to deal with things."
8/16/17 - "I swear I didn't do it..."
          "I really, really, really want pizza really bad."
7/8/17 - "I want cake."
4/6/2017 - "I hate shopping for clothes and shoes, but if
I have to then I go shopping."

3/7/2017 - "If I can just think of at least one thing to 
look forward to everyday then it will be okay."
3/3/2017 - "I want to take an eraser to people with 
beauty marks or moles on their faces and erase them, 
because it's not that I think that they are ugly or 
anything it's probably an OCD thing."
2/28/2017 - "I wish I could eat yogurt, but I can not 
digest it." 
2/14/2017 - 

"I like big books and I cannot lie."

"I secretly like rainbows. Shhh...don't tell anyone."

"I want to marry Ryan Gosling's singing voice."
2/6/2017 - "I hate raisins, but I will eat them in oatmeal on
a sporadic occasion."
1/26/2017 - "If I could eat cucumbers and ranch all day I 
would." ^_^

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