Pancakes at Midnight

Random poems thought up by me. Enjoy. 🙂

April 30th, 2018
Where did the time go?
When did I become so old?
I would like to know
Everything isn’t so gold

I need to be young at heart
Then it won’t matter at all
How old you get on the chart
But, when you get the call

To follow your dreams
That will be the key
To what it seems
To your heart’s desired plea


March 6th, 2018
I am me aren’t I?
Because you are you
A part of me says bye
Because I am split in two

There is the me
There is the other self
That wants to be free
And set the me on a shelf

The shadow me wants control
Malevolent this side is not
The driver seat is it’s goal
But, I wonder a lot

If both halves are more alike
Does it really matter who drives?
Or should one take a hike?
Or co-exist as two lives?


September 8th, 2017
Oh Angel
Oh Angel
Come away from the dark
Spread your wings in light
Listen to the morning lark
Outside is really bright

Oh Angel 
Oh Angel
Turn now and come back
Do not go into the night
Your wings will crack
They won't be so bright

Oh Angel 
Oh Angel
You can't come back if you go
This choice is not a wise one
Don't go into the pit below
You belong here with the sun

Oh Angel 
Oh Angel
Oh how you have fallen
You're light will dim
Didn't you hear me callin'
This is a grave sin
August 29th, 2017

Gilded Cage

My soul resides in a cage
Books are my only friends
I smile with every page
But every story ends

Sadness creeps over me
I find another book
When will I be set free?
Will you ever look?

Can you see and hear?
Will you see my soul?
Will you run in fear?
Or swallow me whole?

I know darkness
I see you for you
I must confess
You are just like me too


April 6th, 2017

A Passing Dream

In the early morning light
I see your face
And everything’s alright
Our hearts race

Your hand touches me
Gently you caress
Every curve that you see
No need to impress

I kissed those lips
You kissed my neck
We touched finger tips
It was like I forgot the wreck

I woke up in the night
And you were gone
The memory out of sight
I know I have to move on

April 5, 2017


There you are
Now you’re herememories  so farFading with a tear

All is now a memory
Worn, torn, and faded
My perception sensory
is blurred and shaded

If the bad ones have to go
The good ones must go too
One set is painful and slow
The other simmers like a stew

So they all must be gone
Out of mind and out of sight
By the first rays of the new dawn
To turn my back and face the light



There is no one
Just me and I
There is no fun
But, that is a lie

I can amuse myself
I don’t need people
I am high on a shelf
Inside a steeple

Thoughts dance
Tension is high
Give me a chance
I just want to fly



In one moment
Or in a second
Can be a torment
Time does beckon

A moment can be
A wonderful thing
Spend it being free
Don’t let it sting

Make them happy
Smile and sing
Or they’ll be crappy
And then they’ll cling

February 8th, 2017

Penny For Your Thoughts

I walk this world wandering
While I do some pondering
My thoughts swirl and bend
I should give some out to lend
But, since I have so many
I can sell each one for a penny

Who would buy my thoughts?
Sometimes they are only dots
They are precious gems to me
No matter what you may see
Maybe I shouldn’t share them
I could meditate and be zen

What about the creative ones?
Or the thoughts of jokes with great puns?
I’ll keep my opinions to myself
I can use my creativity for great wealth
All great artists started with empty pots
And then asked a penny for your thoughts…

January 28th, 2017

Run as fast as you can

Why are you running?

There is no limit ban

Play music and start singing




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