About The Blogger

Red Lore sketch

! Do not give this blogger caffeine !

Hi, My name is Lore. It’s pronounced as lore as in the word “folkLORE”.

I am an adult with a few idiosyncrasies, a passion for literature and the arts, and a plethora of other interests. Yes, I do have one of those things people call a job and I also still seek knowledge in the hall of scholars part time. I live in the Mojave desert with my two feline companions. I own a small library of these small square paper things called books. On occasion I play video games, read manga, and watch anime. I also haunt the theaters frequently where they play the moving pictures on a screen. I love to dance and one day wish to travel to as many different cities as possible.



Home page image drawn and lined by Lore © 2014

Paint and color home page image done by DarkWolf © 2015

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