And another thing happened…

If I was not frustrated enough…

Last night my oldest cat Fluffy jumped on me my while I had my legs up on a foot rest. She normally does this and wants me to pet her for ten to fifteen minutes then she walks back down my legs and sleeps between or on my feet on the foot rest. With that being said, this time, however, when she walked down my legs to the foot rest one of her legs slipped. One of her claws clawed deep into the lower part of my right calf close to the ankle, but not quite. I freaked out and it was bleeding profusely. I made it to my tub to get it cleaned with the shower head and dabbed rubbing alcohol on it and also poured it onto the wound. I wanted peroxide, but I found out later it was a good thing I could not find it in my house because it will kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. I bandaged it and even showered with it this morning. I had someone who is a nurse look at it today. I got clean bandages and alcohol wipes to clean it again and bandage it again because it was bleeding again through out the day I guess or it happened after I had my shower with it on. I limp a little bit cause it hurts a little bit, but it hurt like a mofo last night when I put that rubbing alcohol on it when it was fresh. And now I can not go to the gym or exercise for awhile until this heals.

My cats are out to get me and sabotage me…

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