Sore, but still running…

Last night I had my Arabic Dancing class (Belly Dance) and danced for two hours! It felt good and I was so excited to be dancing again. We stretched before and after class and a little in between so that helped with this morning’s run. I’m a big person so when I talk about using the C25K app and running I really mean baby jogging, but in hindsight it’s running to me. I hope to actually run as I keep training. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

I got up at 5:30 this morning to run at six with a friend because we usually go running at nine in the morning, but she has meetings later and stuff. I think it was a lot better to run that early in the morning because then there are no people around at all or getting in the way. It was kind of dark and at one point I almost tripped over a piece of broken pine cone. I wondered where the hell did that come from? I looked around and saw a row of pine trees on the other side of the street. ^_^;

It was really cold and I should have brought my sweater, but I didn’t want to be too hot when I ran. My hands were freezing and I had to stick them in my pockets. I had the volume on loud enough on my phone so I could hear it if I had it in my pocket. I also had my up beat J-Pop anime music play list on blast. As soon as I get warm I know I will start to feel the aches and pains. So, it is rest for me Sunday and Monday from exercise, but not laundry and work unfortunately. The good news is all the endorphins and everything else are up and running that I’m in a good mood and I can’t go back to sleep. I must of fell asleep last night around 9:30pm so I think I got my eight hours in of sleep. I am about to eat breakfast which is one of those Quaker instant oatmeal things in a cup and it’s the brown sugar flavor. I just fix those up and add a little cream and it’s delicious. I’m glad I made the decision not to eat before my training. If I would have done that then while running it would have been a scene from the Glass Throne where Celaena first starts training for the Champion competition and her and Chaol were running and she would have to stop to wretch. Yeah…if I eat breakfast I want it to stay in my stomach and not on the sidewalk thank you.

The rest of today’s itinerary probably would be some laundry, maybe some reading, continue writing that play, and maybe some poetry writing later. I want to put up a section on this blog for my poetry. Also I will be praying that my allergies don’t come back. I usually take a 24 hour Claritan, but I don’t want to be taking that everyday because then my body gets used to it and then it’ll be ineffective.

I’ll try and blog my progress as much as I can, but I do tend to forget and hopefully things will work out and I will lose those fifty pounds by June so I can hop on a plane and go see my friend on the other side of the country. I want to be comfortable on a plane and especially if it might be a five to seven hour flight. Wish me luck! ^_^

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